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Sebastian Hirsch My New Book is Changing Lives

511nonX5rtL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I suppose the secret has gotten out that I have written a new book. You can read for yourself on the official page of my new book entitled, “Sebastian Hirsch’s Selling Your Service – Your Expertise Turned Into Dollars.”

The book has only been available for a few days on Amazon and already it’s booming with success. Let me just show you what a few readers have said in their reviews.

Michael Winsor, 34, Ontario ♥♥♥♥♥—”I have never been good at selling. I had often times where I wished that I were because I understood that being an entrepreneur is the gateway to wealth and true freedom unlike working a job for another man’s dreams. After buying this book from Amazon.com, I have been motivated to give it one more try and just yesterday I had success after success!”

Katie Fenmore, 51, Manhattan ♥♥♥♥—”Wow. Today, I walk with more power and authority because of the confidence in myself that has been restored. Sebastian Hirsch, you’ve lit a fire under me and I am on a mission!”

That was just a couple of many reviews I have received through the mail a few hours ago and they moved me deep enough to write this post. Thank you Michael and Katie. I’m highly pleased you are finding success and yourselves though the newly released book.  Now, for you who are reading; it’s your turn.